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Welcome to "A Tucson Love Story"


Immerse yourself in the enchanting "A Tucson Love Story" art exhibit, where each meticulously crafted print, elegantly framed in shimmering gold, not only celebrates the dynamic essence of Tucson but also marks a special tribute to my wife's 40th birthday. This collection transcends conventional art, serving as a visual ode to Tucson's picturesque landscapes and its resilient, spirited community. Each piece resonates with our personal journey, narrating our story through every vivid color and expressive brushstroke.


In this unique assemblage, art intertwines with love and the rich flavors of craft beer, encapsulating the essence of Tucson's creativity and fervor. As we toast to this occasion, we're not just celebrating the art and the city, but also the exuberance of life, the warmth of love, and the bonds of community.


A heartfelt acknowledgment to Crooked Tooth Brewing for fostering an environment that encapsulates the artistic soul of Tucson and for curating moments that linger in memory. Join us for an evening filled with artistic flair, cultural richness, and joyous celebration.


About the Artist: Chris Mitchell


Born and nurtured in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Chris Mitchell harbors a deep-rooted love for the Old Pueblo. His artistic inspiration is drawn from the vibrant hues and diverse textures offered by the Sonoran Desert. A unique signature of Chris's work is the incorporation of a hidden heart and a saguaro cactus in every design, symbolizing his profound love and connection to Tucson.


As a lifelong devotee of art, Chris treasures its therapeutic essence. He is the visionary founder of Old Pueblo Collective, on a steadfast mission to empower and interconnect fellow creators.


About the Art


Each print is meticulously housed in an upcycled frame, lavishly coated in gold paint, symbolizing the union of sustainability and luxury.


Crafted on premium satin luster photo paper, every piece boasts resistance to fading and tearing, ensuring a lasting beauty.


Exhibition Details


The exhibit will grace the halls of Crooked Tooth Brewing from December 9th to December 29th.

Should you become the cherished owner of one of these masterpieces, we will reach out post-purchase to arrange local pickup or delivery after the exhibit concludes.


In the spirit of the holiday season and gifting, please contact us at for early pickup arrangements before the exhibit's closure on December 29th.

Gilded Grin


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