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Sunn Wilson and Chris Mitchell Art_OPCTu
  • Old Pueblo Collective was founded by art-loving-couple, Sunny Wilson and Chris Mitchell to promote Tucson's wildly unique art culture and it's abundance of talented creators.

  • Art is an inspired way to bridge cultural and social gaps. We invest in local projects that promote equality because we firmly believe in inclusion and anti-racism.

  • Small businesses are filled with challenges, but we're passionate about our work because our projects and partnerships are driven by a deeply rooted mission to invest resources back into the Tucson community.

Sunny Wilson Artist Statement OPCTucson 2021 PNG.png

Lenise "Sunny" wilson
Owner / operations director

  • Sunny believes art has a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of our communities which is why she creates. Sunny is on a mission to bridge cultural gaps and encourage collective problem solving using art.

  • She loves leading Old Pueblo Collective because we make unique local art accessible to every budget, but even more because we engage in partnerships and collaborations with like-minded organizations that focus on bridging cultural gaps through creativity and developing Arizona's artistic resources.

  • Connect with Sunny on social media @sunnylwilson

Chris Mitchell Artist Statement OPCTucson 2021 PNG.png

Chris Mitchell
Art Director

  • Chris was born and raised in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. My inspiration comes from the subtle vibrancy of the Sonoran Desert. I am on a mission to weave art into every day life by empowering artists and creators. 

  • I have been painting and creating for as long as I can remember. I pick up the brush and create because art has always been there for me, like a friend who listens to all my worries time and again. 

  • Connect with me on social media @chris_mitchell_art.

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