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"A Tucson Love Story" Art Exhibit 

Welcome to "A Tucson Love Story," where each art print, framed in gold, celebrates both the vibrant spirit of Tucson and my wife's 40th birthday. These pieces are more than art; they're a visual homage to Tucson's colorful landscapes and resilient community, reflecting our shared story with every hue and stroke.

Art, love and craft beer unite in this unique collection, offering a taste of Tucson's creativity and passion. As we raise our glasses, we celebrate not just the art and the city, but also the joy of life, love, and community.

Big thanks to Crooked Tooth Brewing for creating a space for Tucson's artistic heart and unforgettable moments. Here's to a night of color, culture, and cheers!

Mitchell's upcycled gold framed prints and originals will be on exhibit at Crooked Tooth Brewing Co. December 9th through December 29th. If you are one of lucky new owners of these item, we will contact you upon purchase to make local pickup/drop off arrangements after the exhibit closes.


We understand it's the season of gifting, so please contact us by emailing if you need to pickup your purchase prior the close of the exhibit on Dec 29th.

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