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Tucson Santa
Local Tucson Santa actor available for hire

  • Corporate Events

  • Schools

  • Daycares

  • Movie Roles

  • Festivals

  • Charity Events

  • Photo shoots

  • Private Parties

  • Celebrity Events

  • Tree Lighting Ceremony’s

  • Parades

  • Breakfast with Santa

  • Television

  • Internet Print advertisements

  • Customized Experiences

​About Tucson Santa

  • Tucson Santa is super cool, so cool that you’ll never catch him without his shades on.

  • Tucson Santa isn’t just the hippest Santa around, he is professional, courteous, and performed by Old Pueblo Collective’s Art Director, Chris Mitchell.

  • Tucson Santa enjoys spreading cheer with children and pets, and is always delighted with interactions with the adults, too. Make your season bright with Tucson Santa for all your Christmas and Holiday Events!

  • Invite Tucson Santa to bring the magic and music of Christmas to your family or business.​

Our Services

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  • Does Tucson Santa always wear his sunglasses?

    • Yes, while Tucson Santa is the bright sunny desert he never takes off his shades.​

  • Can I get a Santa for just 5-10 minutes?

    • Yes, you can even have a Santa for 1 minute, but there is typically a 15-minute minimum charge. See 15-minute quick visit for price details.

  • Can you provide a Santa at no charge for non-profits?

    • In some cases, if you are a registered 501(C)(3) organization we can provide Tucson Santa services at a reduced rate.

  • Do you have photographers, provide backdrops, elves, or chairs for rent?

    • No, we only provide the Santa performer.

  • Can we take pictures with Santa?

    • Yes, only for personal use. If you are using the pictures for promotional purposes, or are selling the pictures, please contact us.

  • Can we advertise Santa is coming to our event?

    • Yes, if the event is a private party, and no money will be charged at the event (i.e. entrance fee, cover charge, photos with Santa fee, etc..). Please contact us for additional details.

  • Will the Tucson Santa be the exact Santa that arrives at the event?

    • In most cases yes, but there are rare instances when another Santa performer may arrive.

  • Does Tucson Santa arrive dressed up and ready to perform, or does the customer provide a changing area?

    • In most cases Tucson Santa will arrive dressed for your event. If Tucson Santa requires a changing area, our staff will inform you prior to the event.

  • Other Questions


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