Drive More Shoppers to Your Online Art Store

Ever wonder why your Online Store, Etsy shop, Blog, YouTube channel, etc. don't come up in a Google search?

It’s not because you're ugly, or don’t post enough, or that your website is new, or your creations aren’t interesting or unique.

It has nothing to do with your pretty face, your class or social status.

It’s definitely not because there’s too much big box competition and no one can make it as an entrepreneur in today’s economic climate, or any other silly shenanigans we might like to believe.

"It boils down to one thing... Google Doesn’t Trust You."

Better stated, Google doesn’t trust your brand. No trust = low ranking. Low ranking = low web traffic. Low web traffic = low sales.

Simply stated, your site must rank high on Google Search Results to get more traffic. If Google doesn’t trust your brand, that’s not going to happen.

Your Brand’s Online Trust & Authority

Put your imagination cap on and envision yourself meeting with your most trusted advisers: Susan Google, Mike Yahoo, and Bill Bing.

You desperately need advice on how to turn your passion into a paycheck, so you sit down with your dream-team and ask the big question...

“How do I become a professional artist?”