5 Best Kept Designer Secrets to Stunning Low-Cost Living Spaces

A friend recently admitted she was going to “lose it” if she had to “stare at the same tired walls for another day!”

I felt like she was reading my mind. The stress of a world-wide pandemic, combined with an indefinite, self-imposed house-arrest with a husband and two teens, can be summarized in two words for me…eye twitch.

When the old eyelid started doing the ants-in-my-pants-dance, I began searching for ways to de-stress.

Journey with me as I create “Holy crap!” sanctuary spaces that won't break the bank.

#1 Wire Hangers?!?

Cool your heels Mommy dearest, its all about wood coat hangers in this budget-friendly designer touch.

  • What you need: Crazy cool art prints, wooden coat hangers with adjustable clips, hammer, and nails.

  • Directions: I won’t insult your intelligence with a stet-by-step. This is as self-explanatory as it gets, but it hits my favs list because it's versatile and unique.

#2 Binder Clips

Binder clips are the new duct tape and they’re making your world artsy one squeeze at a time. I love using binder clips because they are crazy cheap, and they add a super easy designer touch in a matter of seconds.

#3 DIY Designer Gallery Wall