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5 Best Kept Designer Secrets to Stunning Low-Cost Living Spaces

A friend recently admitted she was going to “lose it” if she had to “stare at the same tired walls for another day!”

I felt like she was reading my mind. The stress of a world-wide pandemic, combined with an indefinite, self-imposed house-arrest with a husband and two teens, can be summarized in two words for me…eye twitch.

When the old eyelid started doing the ants-in-my-pants-dance, I began searching for ways to de-stress.

Journey with me as I create “Holy crap!” sanctuary spaces that won't break the bank.

#1 Wire Hangers?!?

Cool your heels Mommy dearest, its all about wood coat hangers in this budget-friendly designer touch.

  • What you need: Crazy cool art prints, wooden coat hangers with adjustable clips, hammer, and nails.

  • Directions: I won’t insult your intelligence with a stet-by-step. This is as self-explanatory as it gets, but it hits my favs list because it's versatile and unique.

#2 Binder Clips

Binder clips are the new duct tape and they’re making your world artsy one squeeze at a time. I love using binder clips because they are crazy cheap, and they add a super easy designer touch in a matter of seconds.

#3 DIY Designer Gallery Wall

The first rule of creating your gallery wall is, there are no rules! A super funky gallery wall is by far my all-time favorite inspired design.

  • What you need: Crazy-fun local art Quirky upcycled picture frames or new gallery wall frame kit, hammer, and nails.

  • Directions: Pop your favorite ready-to-frame prints in and hang, easy breezy.

#4 Let There Be Light

This little ditty adds drama and depth to your walls using the magic of light and shadows. This technique easy to change, making it ideal special occasions and entertaining.

  • What you need: Ridiculously affordable art prints, led string lights.

  • Directions: If you are a person on the planet, you know how clothes pins work, so I’ll spare you the play-by-play.

#5 Binder Clip Trapeze

The truth about binder clips is they are WAY underrated. Try this easy-breezy low-cost upgrade to transform your space from tired to inspired.

  • What you need: Super unique art print, 2 binder clips, a few feet of cotton twine, 2 push pins.

  • Directions: Place binder clips evenly on art. Tie one string to each clip. Tie a not on the top of strings. Push pins into wall through nots in the top of strings. Enjoy.

The world seems to be in complete chaos, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create living spaces that dreams are made of.

  • Sign-up below and share your best low-budget inspired spaces with us!

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