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5 Shocking Ways You Get Tricked Into Massively Overpaying for Art #3 Will Blow Your Mind

If you are like me, nothing delights you more than creating a magical living space that unapologetically expresses your style and voice.

I'm not ashamed to admit, I've purchased an alarming amount of art over the years. I discovered five sneaky techniques Big-Biz uses to manipulate you into wasting your hard-earned cash on nearly worthless junk.

Let's talk about the devious tactics that should send you running for the hills, or at least another web store.

#1 They don't want you to know the difference between Open and Limited Edition for a million reasons.

Open Edition art is infinitely reproducible, therefore dramatically less valuable than it's counterpart.

I suspect Big-Biz hides this so you won't know that quirky little abstract that cost you $75, is actually worth about $8, and will NEVER gain value.

#2 Big-Biz claims to save independent artists, shelling out income so vast, creators worldwide can quit their day-jobs and move to the south of France.

Although they seem like heroes, this is a shameful misrepresentation of the truth.

In reality, online art marketplaces like Minted pay artists just 8 cents for every dollar you pay them.

#3 Massive corporations actually pretend to be small businesses.

Society6 was started by a young couple in 2009, as a sales space for struggling artists. Life was blue skies, until 2013 when Society6 got acquired for $94 million by Demand Media.

As a small biz-owner, I'm less than impressed by this venture capitalist funded company, falsely claiming to be a struggling small business.

#4 They study your worst fears, then use them against you.

You Don't Want to Miss This...

10 People Have This in Their Cart...

Last One in Stock...

Delivered Today if You Order Now...

Big-Biz employs tactics to create fake scarcity, exploiting the impulsive nature of the human brain, to rush you into buying like a kid in a candy store.

#5 Big-Biz notoriously over-promises, and under-delivers. They vow to send lux, designer art, but what you see, isn't always what you get.

When profits are priority, corners are cut, and you get stuck with poor quality art that leaves your space one step further from living its best life.

A word of advice, proceed with caution at online art marketplaces, and big-box stores.

The real secret way to score super quirky art that delights you with a lifetime of inspiration is to...

Buy it directly from the the artist who created it! It's a revolutionary notion, but I'm guessing you have the moxy to make it happen.

If that's not an option, hit up a reputable marketplace that values artists as much as buyers like, Etsy, Uprise Art or Old Pueblo Collective.

The truth is, our mission is to make wildly unique art accessible to every person on the planet, including you. Stay off the suckers list, and pop your email address in the box below to subscribe to our newsletter.

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