• Empowering, Connecting and Uplifting Artists and Creators.



  • Weaving art into everyday life to promote civic engagement, encouragement of collective problem solving and building bridges across cultures.



  • Engaging in partnerships, collaborations, and collective endeavors with organizations focusing on developing, preserving and caring for Tucson’s artistic resources.

  • Sunny brings over 15 years of Information Technology expertise to the collective. 

  • She believes arts and culture have a direct impact on the health and well being of Tucson.

  • Her mission is to share how technology has changed how we access, create, and distribute the arts, so artists may proactively respond to changes in the arts and the larger business communities.

Sunny Wilson

Owner & Operations Director

Chris Mitchell

Art Director

  • Chris is Old Pueblo Collectives's resident art expert and creative genius.

  • He earned his Associates of Applied Arts from Pima Community College in 2016.

  • He a Tucson native whose inspiration comes from the vibrant people and culture in the Sonoran Desert.

  • He's on a mission is to help emerging artists and creators learn the business of being an artist.

  • Destiny's started as OPC's Merchandise Production Assistant and grew into her current role as Merchandise & Quality Assurance Technician.

  • She's leads event & market sales and product staging. 

  • Destiny's mission is to teach creators to actively engage her "Generation Z" to ensure the arts enjoys strong sustainable support.

  • Drew is passionate about film & production.

  • He brings 5 years of cinematography and video production experience to the Collective.

  • He's an avid vlogger with a total network of over 40K followers.

  • Drew is on a mission is to teach his peers they can be entrepreneurs at any age.

Destiny Bowen

Merchandise & QA

Drew Wilson

Cinematography & Production


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Made in Tucson Winter 2019